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In lieu of the terrible news for our industry my initial reaction was to post on that subject.  I want to wait until more light is shed on the issue before trying to analyze what happened and how far this scandal reaches.  Instead, today I am announcing the winners of NameTalent’s first Domain Name Video Awards!

And The Winners Are….

Best Minisite/Development Video:
Morgan Linton’s Domain Investing – Creating an Online Destination

Most Creative Domain Video:
Chef Patrick’s WhyPark Contest Winner

Cheesiest Domain Name TV Commercial:
Godaddy’s GoDaddy Sexy Commercial – Shower (ft. Danica Patrick)

Best Domain Name TV Commercial:
Telnic’s .Tel Commercial

Best Domainer Interview (recent):
*tie Jothan Frakes, COO Minds + Machines Part 1
*tie Chef Patrick’s Interview with Michael and David Castello

Special Category Best Domain Comic Strip:
DNPimping’s Comic #4 Career Day Domainer

Congrats to all the winners! Special thanks to all the talented people in our industry that produce domain media like podcasts, comic strips and domaining videos.

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  • Wow – thank you so much!! The videos take a LOT of time and energy to create and this is officially the first award I’ve ever won for any of them!

    Much appreciated – definitely going to mention this on my blog and in my next video!!



  • Morgan,

    No problem! Congrats on your first video award and many more to come. 🙂 You seem really comfortable on camera, something that’s not so easy for me and many others. Thanks again for all the videos.



  • Mike I am honored and will also have to write an entry on my blog about this.

    First, I would like to thank Bud Fisher the person who created the first successful daily comic strip.

    Second, I would like to take the time to thank my talented artist Byron Bradley. He has always been a willing participant in my projects and his talent as an artist never seems to amaze me.

    Third, I would like to thank the domaining industry. There are way too many people for me to personally thank, but its because of you guys that I was inspired to start such a comic to begin with.

    I love how we all provide our unique perspectives on the industry, blog entries like this are needed because a lot of hard work tends to go overlooked. Thanks again Mike!

  • Jason,

    You’re welcome! I have enjoyed DNPimping comic strip since its inception. Great idea for a comic strip and Byron really does quality work. Looking forward to many more DNPimping comic strips to enjoy.



  • Patrick,

    I watched your live speech highlights today. Congrats! You did a fine job. If this is any indication as to what you will be upto next year than I’m really excited for you! Keep up the good work Chef.


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