News Reviews Useful Domain Name Tool is a great new automatic appraisal tool recently introduced by our friend at, Francois Carillo.   I am happy to see that it is powered by estibot 2.0.  With a visually appealing platform that generates fairly quick and accurate valuations based on google trends, search frequency, avg comp, alexa rankings and other stats, should be in every domainers bookmarks.

Besides the easy to use and read interface, the single biggest improvement from this domain valuation tool over the appraisal tool on is the entry field.  At Valuate, you can enter large lists of domain names at once.  Estibot has a bulk appraisal service available with the premium service which costs $4.95/mo. For each domain you check at, links to alexa, domaintools, and google keyword/search stats are generated which is what really makes this a useful resource.

I was curious to see how actual valuations compared between and on a few domain names I have listed for sale here, results below. $ $2900 $ $50 $ $190 $710 $2100 $ $200
Obviously, there is some real variation with these appraisals.  I am assuming that estibot 2.0 is an improved algorithm that runs the platform.  There are some other nice features on, be sure to familiarize yourself with the pre-filter and domains of reference options as they come in handy.

Although I don’t put much weight into automatic domain appraisal generators (and use them more for the stats that they aggregate) I do want to say that I believe is THE standard in automatic domain valuation.  Francois has created another genius site on a relevant one word domain name.  Congrats and thanks for the tool!

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