My First Bido Auctions

I am trying out Bido.com this week to auction off a good, adult oriented .com I have had for a while.   There’s no reason that I am so late to the Bido bus besides the fact I don’t actively send lots of domain names to auction. Btw, I pronounce Bido like ‘Fido’ or ‘by-doe’, unlike some who say ‘bid-o’ … can we get some clarification?? 🙂

I’m happy to try out a couple auctions on Bido and will probably be submitting a few more into the voting pool soon.  I think that they are evolving into a useful auction house for domain resellers and investors.  I originally submitted nine domains of which two were voted into auction within two days, one was an LLLL .com that didn’t sell last week.  You can pay $8.88 (I think) to accelerate an auction and bypass the voting system.  I am still pretty new all of the ins and outs of Bido but I can tell you they have great customer support, and thanks again to Garrett over at Bido for the live support with my auction concerns.


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  • haha, i pronounce it the same way, and I don’t believe I’ll be broken of it 🙂

    I feel its because I also pronounce Sedo with a hard ‘E’ like See-doe, so naturally Bido becomes a hard ‘I’ like by-doe as you say.

    Come to think of it, they are so good at taking customer feedback that if enough of us pronounce it the wrong way they may just change it

    good luck on the auction

  • Mike, best wishes with your auction.
    We pronounce it “Bid-o”, a play on the word bid, like how you bid in an auction.
    We appreciate the kind words very much, by the way.
    We’re here to help and if you ever need anything just give us a shout.
    Our feedback portal is here btw:
    We’re always happy to hear new ideas and suggestions. Thanks for your support and here’s to a happy new year.

  • @Jarred – Aha, so it is Bid-o! I kind of figured it was pronounced like that after the newest logo set the ‘o’ on top of the .com. Oh well, like Mike from domainimal I’ll probably always pronounce it the other way (at least in my head).

    Thanks again for chiming in and I look forward to using (and writing) more about ‘Bid-o’ in the near future.

    @Mike – Good, at least I am not the only one. I have actually heard people pronounce Sedo with the soft e as well like Sed-o … not me I stick to my hard e’s lol.

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