Top Sales From DOMAINfest Live and Extended Auctions

Live/Extended Auction Sales Over $20k – $215,000

* – $80,000 – $65,000 – $50,000 – $45,000 – $45,000 – $40,000 – $30,000 – $27,500 – $26,000

* – $26,770 – $22,500

* – $20,888 – $20,000

From this list, I thought that the extended auction sale of was a really nice deal at just under $27k.  I was happy to see in five figure range.  Interesting to note that there two domains from this list included the word ‘calculator’ and also two domains that included the word ‘golf’. I’m curious to see what happens with the domain name, I wonder if the domain will be developed by the new owners.  I thought was a nice sale for a brandable name and brought in a good price as well.

Overall, the results look a little on the lean side, but there were plenty of good sales.  View auction results.

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