VeriSign Annual Revenue Growth up 8% in 2009, Domain Registration Cost to Increase in 2010

According to GAAP Financial Results,VeriSign showed strong signs of growth through the fourth quarter of 2009.  Here are some financial highlights I found on the CNNMoney report on VeriSign:  Naming Services rang in $159 million in revenue a 9%  jump from Q4 in 2008, The company ended 2009 with approx $1.5 billion in cash/cash equivalents up $688 million from last year, VeriSign completed it’s purchase of it’s formerly leased properties including off site data center for approximately $26 million..  These are just a few of the positive highlights I saw in VeriSigns financial reports of 2009.

I am sure VeriSign execs are getting excited to see the 2010 and 2011 reports after they increase the cost to register a domain name by another 7% this year.  The cost for registrars to register a .com will be increased to $7.34, (including ICANN fee = $7.52) after July 1st.  Of course, it’s written into their contract with ICANN that they can raise prices during any year of their contract (6 years).  Last year was the first that they did not raise the price.. I guess it’s to be expected.  :shrug:

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