Mocus Re-Branding To —> See the NEW Logo!

Francois Carrillo is rebranding his brandable domain marketplace from to  I commend Francois on this great change!  I honestly never thought was a very good brand name for a company that sells brandable domain names. 🙂

The Logo design contest was being held at  The prize was $295 and nearly two hundred designs were entered. Before I could finish this write up it seems a logo has already been chosen!  Check out the winner HERE. From what I understand, there could be a slogan contest for as well, similar to the one last year for

Personally, I liked #’s 129, 29 and 13.  The new design is very simple and clean.  Good luck with the re-branding effort Francois!

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  • And the next step is …. site redesign!

    Well, we will see next week.

    As info:

    We plan to authorize next week the submission of catchy 5 letters dot com, this should significantly improve inventory and give to a lot of domain owners a chance to sell their nicest brandable at a descent price.

    Thanks for your post.

  • @Francois – I’m glad to hear you’re going to allow some 5 letters to be brokered on Catchy, there are great potential in some names. I know you weren’t that keen on the idea of adding 5L’s to Mocus last year. I already know you’ll be choosy and there will be great names on

  • Thanks.

    My take on 99Design contests are as follows:

    Contests held at 99Designs are flawed to the point that in it’s current state it will not make money. Hence, the switch to more of a ‘preconceived brands built around great brandable domains’ format where the good designers can sell brands similar to what’s happening at BrandStack and others.

    In it’s current state the 99Design platform allows for ‘free’ ideas to flow and kick-start the contest holder to have someone or themselves act as the designer and award it the winner thus recovering the guarantee — and no money changes hands. If we can’t monetize our domains — even the ones where creatives are hired to design a logo brand — then many of us hold worthless hands. Sure those who think the internet should be a free place might like this ‘sharing of ideas’ but try to eat that.

    Remember some of the designs that are awarded as winner look eerily similar to logos the holders use elsewhere on sites they own.

    I may be completely off base but I’m entitled by the nature of the network that is the internet.


  • @Rob

    Point taken. I’ve actually always liked using logo design contests as well. In fact, the logo for this blog is a result of a design contest 😉

    Funny thing is though.. When it came down to my top two choices I realized one of them resembled too closely a very famous logo.. needless to say, it was not the one I chose!

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