Enom Re-Launches Premium .TV Domains, Domainers Register Thousands of Premium .TV Domains at Regfee

From Enom:

Effective immediately, all available premium .tv names have been re-launched with several exciting changes:

  • A drastically reduced price on new premium .tv registrations
  • For new .tv premium names registered on or after March 19th the renewal price will be the same as your standard, non-premium .tv domains

It has been a most bizarre last few days for the .TV extension.  Earlier this week, news broke about the .TV auction that will be going on at the beginning of April featuring premium .TV domain names that are offered at standard renewal rate.  We’re still trying to figure out what kind of reserves to expect.

Today, MUCH stranger things occurred:

11am:  I stumbled across a thread at NP titled Premium .tv domains seem available on other registrars than enom”.  I subscribed to the thread quickly and headed out to a work on a car I had to get running today.

1pm: Curious, I checked back and realized several members were actively registering premium .tv domains from the 50k or so premium .tv’s that had not been yet been registered at their $xxx and above annual fees.  Premium .tv domains were actively being registered at standard registration fee across several registrars and registrants were accessing the dns almost immediately.  I found the premium list and quickly registered a few that appealed to me via Dynadot.  I was also seeing the same premiums available at godaddy and namecheap. Let the premium .tv rush begin! Back to the car. grrrr.

3pm: Did some more hunting around for news and domains and found another incredible thread at NP “Hot Offer at Enom”.  Here, members revealed that they were informed by Enom of some premium .TV domains becoming available for registration for a short time period today, Mar 18th.  Later on I browse the thread and learn that Enom.tv has absolutely no mention of premium.tv pricing.

6:30pm: I verify that the domains I registered are showing my whois information.  Feeling hopeful I try to look up a few more premiums to see if I can find another former premium .tv to register, I realize .tv registry is on lockdown.  From what I understand some investors were picking up ‘boatloads’ of them.

10 pm: Enom unveils New Premium Pricing (see announcement above in blue)

Certainly an interesting day!  It seems that those who were tuned into .TV today scored some really awesome domains in some kind of promo or maybe a ‘thank you’ to the .tv domainers that really keep this extension in the public eye.  Stunned, that is the feeling of many .tv domainers that cannot believe the opportunity they *may have just been handed.  I say maybecause I know nothing is ever 100% and registrars are protected by a 30 day window to reclaim any registered domain.  I actually thought premium pricing was gone but Enom proved just minutes ago with their announcement that they have just re-launched it with more affordable premiums.

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  • Hello!
    Regarding yoour last sentence:

    “I actually thought premium pricing was gone but Enom proved just minutes ago with their announcement that they have just re-launched it with more affordable premiums.”

    I want to point you the following paragraph taken from enom’s announcement showing that affordable premium pricing is until March 19th, after that day all domains will have same reg fee.
    As it seems verisign gave a window open to register some of the best domains available even for a affordable premium price, in one day most of them will be gone then after 19 of March the remaining domains will be available for normal reg fee’s

    “For new .tv premium names registered on or after March 19th the renewal price will be the same as your standard, non-premium .tv domains”

  • @Makis – Thanks for comment. As far as I can understand there will be some premiums left to register at this standard rate. However, still enom will continue pushing SOME premium .TV domains via enom.tv. As of now they still have some listed on their site for sale with premium pricing here http://www.enomcentral.com/domainsearch/search-premiumtv.aspx

    Recovery.tv $515/yr
    Hand.tv – $1.3k/yr
    Advertisement.tv – $810/yr
    Touch.tv – $810/yr

    Most domainers are still uncertain what exactly is going on… An official word/press release from Enom/Verisign would be nice!

  • I was just contacted by Kim Hollingdale at Demand Media.. I’m just going to copy and paste our conversations as I think it helps clear up some things… maybe 🙂
    Hi Mike,

    I was just reading your post on the .TV pricing changes and your wish is my command – here’s the announcement from eNom, please shout if you have any questions.



    Kim Hollingdale | Ruder Finn/West | 310.882.4016 (w) |310.463.7640 (m)

    eNom Supports .TV Premium Domain Price Reductions

    –VeriSign implements new pricing structure to boost .TV premium domain adoption rate–

    SANTA MONICA, California – March 19, 2010 – eNom, Inc., the world’s largest ICANN accredited domain name wholesaler, today voiced its support for the updated .TV premium domain pricing model and widened availability being implemented by .TV Registry provider, VeriSign. As of today, all available .TV premium domains will be competitively re-priced. In addition, the renewal price for new Premium domains at eNom will be set to the customer’s standard non-premium .TV rate. The move is expected to boost interest in the .TV domain and secure its future as the must-have address for online video.

    VeriSign announced today an updated offering of tens of thousands of .TV premium domain names, which are now reduced in price. To best manage the renewed interest this price reduction will create, eNom® has re-launched its own site, http://www.enom.tv. Utilizing the company’s Instant Reseller™ platform, http://www.enom.tv includes a full, download-able list of available .TV premium domains and their completely re-priced year-one registration fees.

    “The updated pricing structure for .TV premium domains is a great response to the market. We expect that significantly more customers will now enter the .TV market, and that existing .TV customers will add names to their portfolios. As such, these changes mark an extremely positive and welcomed step in the right direction for the .TV community.” said Chris Sheridan, vice president of platform for Demand Media®, the parent company of eNom.

    To register an available and competitively priced .TV premium domain name, visit the new http://www.enom.tv site or http://www.enomcentral.com.

    For more information, please visit http://www.enom.tv

    Thank you Kim. I will relay this info to my readers!

    Can you comment on the .tv registrations that occurred yesterday? They are valid, correct? Lots of confused domainers with their fingers crossed.

    Thank you!


    Hi Michael,

    I can’t comment on eNom’s behalf directly but Chris Sheridan, VP of platform for Demand Media, eNom’s parent company, just answered the following question in writing so we can use that if it helps, this is the same question your readers had right?

    1. Domainers on Namepros are saying they hand-registered former-$10k premium .tv domains for about $20. Did this happen at eNom? Was it supposed to happen or was it a glitch? Will these registrations be honoured?

    A: VeriSign re-released the available .tv premium names this morning. Their announcement is here: http://blog.watch.tv/ . As part of the re-release, some names were no longer classified as Premium names and made available at standard rates. So, yes, this is very possible.

    If that’s not helpful let me know!


  • I noticed that at least two .tv that were available at standard registration prices the morning of the 18th were suddenly registered that evening with a blank WHO IS only to appear on Verisign’s premium .tv list later than week at prices under $500. Was Verisign tasting or did they simply release names that had been unavailable for a short period and then take them back? I’d also like to see examples of $50,000 previously priced premium names that were registered prior to the 19th at standard registration rates.

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