Domain Name Wire Auction (at SnapNames)

SnapNames is currently running an auction including domain names from the personal portfolio of Andrew Allemann, founder of The auction is set to end tomorrow, April 27th at 3 pm EST. Andrew has some nice names in this auction that are already attracting dozens of bids. Several reserves have been met including which is currently at $13,000 with four bidders. has also received a single bid of $2,000. On the low side so far are, currently at $300 and which is only at $475 at the time of this post. Let’s hope there’s lots of last minute bidders waiting.

There are several domains in this auction inventory listed with ‘no reserve’ that I am surprised don’t yet have any bids including:

Auction is organized and put forth by Domain Name Wire a great industry resource. -= View Auction Inventory =-

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