I Have Achieved Greatness

I’m sure there are 1000’s of members of NamePros.com who deserve this recognition more than myself, but it’s not everyday that you are acknowledged by a community of 160k + people.  Yes, I have achieved greatness in my reputation status bar by accumulating more than 5000 rep points from other members.   That’s what happens when you get addicted to a domain forum (4200+ posts in under two years!)  Here’s my official thread.  Now that I’ve achieved greatness, retirement is soon to come….    😉

While were talking about NamePros I have been pretty busy over there recently.  I’ve got a medical marijuana logo design contest going on in the content/design section.  It’s pretty creative (I think) and worth checking out.  I’d love to hear some feedback on it, you can leave any comments about the design contest here in this post.   Of course, I am always checking the fixed price and bargain bin sections of the marketplace looking for deals on domains/expiring soon names,  purchased three names this week.

It wouldn’t be a complete discussion about NamePros if there wasn’t mention of .TV!  I have some .tv news of my own that I shared in a thread over in dot TV section.  The discussion is about a geo name I registered and am really thinking of developing out.  I wanted to hear some feedback from some of the .tv investors at NP.

Btw..  Thanks to all NP admin and mods, they do a really great job of keeping the forum running smoothly for members to benefit from.  Cheers!

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  • Hi Mike,

    congratulations on your new status! I’ve just reached my 6th bright green reputation bar and I hope I’ll reach your status soon 🙂

    See you @ NP

    Joe aka the_poet

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