Microsoft and MSNBC Move in on, Shutting Down

I recently read on Elliot’s blog that Microsoft is the new registrant of the domain  They may have hired a 3rd party to acquire the domain name but it’s now in their possession and forwards to the confusing, which is the home of the Today Show online.  As one could imagine the domain receives hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each month, of which I assume a huge chunk are trying to find the website. It’s about time they ponied up and bought the, hard to believe it made sense to wait and save a few million a domain like that a risk letting it get away.. especially from a company with that kind of capital.

I got an email the other day the the popular online music service is shutting down and that all store credits will be transferred to itunes credits.  Too bad, I enjoyed the service and don’t use itunes so… good riddens after May 31st.  I checked and the whois still shows the registrant as [email protected] but we’ll see what happens over the next month or so, perhaps Apple will be the new registrant.

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