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According to, the most popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) entertainment group in the world the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) intends to file lawsuit against the registrant of for cybersquatting.  The UFC wants ownership of the domain, they believe they have rights to it since it’s not currently in use.

The registrant, Anton Resnick says he originally had plans to use the domain to launch a retail clothing line. Resnick registered the domain name in January 2004, six months prior to the date the first trademark was placed on the phrase (according to  if he actually had a business plan for the domain when he registered it (tangible evidence a plus) I would say UFC has almost no case here.  I still think their case is a very weak one anyway, the domain currently does not resolve and a far as I can tell it never had any UFC related content on it.  In fact, using, I see that for three years from ’05-’07 the registrant did have a site on called “The Ultimate Fighter Plane Poster Website”.  The site used a poster plugin from that highlighted fighter planes.

If the case actually proceeds, I think UFC will waste time and money in court.  They would have probably beem much better off simply making an offer for the domain name.  If they lose a udrp, they will likely never be able to own the domain for less than a five million bucks, well that would be my asking price. 😉

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  • Dana White could easily afford to make a nice offer for the name. It doesn’t appear to be a malicious attempt at squatting. I’m sure the offer would cost less then the time UFC has already spent on this and would be a win-win for both sides.

  • +1 on this ^^ Why go to court for something you actually don’t have rights to? Guess they are too used to fighting.. lol. Thanks for the comment Mike S.

  • I watched UFC 113 last night.. It was pretty exciting, especially when Machido got knocked the F*** out!

  • UFC 114 will have a great deal of suits, but none at the magnitude of the bout between Quinton Jackson and Rashad Evans. This is 1 of the most anticipated complement-ups, which will last but not least acquire site this 30 days.

  • I think you should be able to own any name. If you are the first one to register it! That is business. That means Ultimate Fighter can sue for, etc….That BULL!!!!!! This is America and we should be able to own any name we choose.

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