Checking out Sedo Market Activity

Looking through some of these recent sedo sales from the market activity page, I found a few interesting sales you may not have seen yet..

I was particularly impressed by a pair of .eu sales that are confirmed (youthhostels and lithiumenergy) as well as with the sale of is a good, solid sale for a pronounceable four letter .com and I think was a deal at it’s selling price.. Happy to see a .biz makes the list too! take a look:

ccTLD’s €3,000 $3,600 €2,200 €2,200 €1,460 $2,000 €1,250 €1,100 €1,000 $1,000

The Rest $20,000 $10,000 $7,700 $6,600 $5,105 $4,000 $3,600 $2,050 $1,900 $1,550 $1,550 $1,100

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