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The original registrant of Pizza.net (registered since 1995) has parted with the one word gem.  We won’t know the size of the sale as it will remain private under NDA.  Brokering company, MediaOptions feels that the sale may be one of the top five .net sales of all time.  This may suggest the price for pizza.net was in the six figure range.   Maybe the new registrant (info below) will get around to doing something on the domain.  All that sits on it now is a old pizza search engine that you must login to for some reason.  Interestingly enough, pizza.net was the first domain to utilize and run local business proximity search (currently a hugely popular search technique).

More History on Pizza.net – From Yesterday’s Press Release

Pizza.net was originally registered in 1995 and has been owned by the same individual until the time of this sale. Many people who were active on the Internet in the late 90’s may remember Pizza.net as being a popular online pizza ordering system. At this time it is uncertain what the new owner’s intentions are for Pizza.net.

I took a glance at Pizza.com for a minute after reading all the hoopla about the .net today.  Honestly, I just don’t see how that development plan is supposed to recoup the $2.6 million spent on the domain name and then make a worthwhile residual profit.?  I feel like if these buyers aren’t utilizing these super generic .com and .net domains for redirection or corporate promotion it’s extremely difficult to launch a successful startup basedsolely around a killer domain that cost a fortune.

The name below is listed under the administrative contact, the registrant address info is the same but missing a name.

Reum, Robert
1802 North Carson Street
Suite 212
Carson City, NV 89701
United States

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