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If you didn’t already notice the sweet looking new banner on our sidebar I’d like to introduce you to NameTalent’s newest sponsor,!  The team at NamusFamus has been working hard and just launched their new aftermarket domain sales site last Monday. Now into their second week of business, they tell me that they’re very happy with how things are going so far.  The NamusFamus domain sales concept revolves around selling functional keyword domain names at low fixed prices. They feature 25-50 quality domain names each weekday, and list them at very low sales prices.

Before I go forward, I will mention their newsletter since it adds such value when purchasing domains on  Once you subscribe to the newsletter you will get priority notification of each day’s sales listings—sales are made on a first-come, first-served basis, so getting the early drop is a definite advantage. The real advantage to the subscribing to the daily sales lists, though, is that subscribers get 10% off every NamusFamus domain purchase!

Buying domain names on NamusFamus is quite simple but you must have a paypal account and accept domains you purchase through a free push to your godaddy account.  Once you decide a domain name to purchase you will be directed to the domain sales page which is a form you submit, this form is basically your claim to a domain.  Time is a factor when purchasing domains via NamusFamus and you are required to remit payment within 1 hour of receiving your claim confirmation.  Ideally, your domain purchase should be complete in less than one hour from the time you decide you want the domain.

What types of domains?
I’ve noticed that NamusFamus generally lists quality keyword, generic and product domain names in .com, .net and .org extensions.  There are also occasionally a couple relevant ccTLD domain names featured.  Domains on NamusFamus are priced to sell!  In today’s newsletter the highest listed domain name price is only $289!  Even with that ceiling price, featured names today include,,, and!  I think you will be happy you came across this post once you start browsing the selection of names at NamusFamus.

I can win a free $50 Barnes and Noble, Fandango, Overstock or Zappos gift card?!!
That’s right 🙂  Another perk for subscribers to the newsletter is this cool giveaway!  Every weekday there is a daily trivia question at the bottom of the domain sales page.  Subscribers that answer the question correctly will be automatically entered into the weekly drawing for your choice of a B&N, Fandango, Overstock or Zappos gift card! Visit the daily trivia page for more info.

*paid review

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