Patrick Ruddell of Moniker Brokers Poker.com.au for $100,000

As reported by Patrick himself on Facebook:

poker.com.au sells for $100kCongrats Patrick!!  A great sale and even more impressive is the fact that Patrick aka Chef Patrick has been on a tear brokering high value domain names.  According to Patrick, just last month he sold $575k in names and approx $3,000,000 in 2010.  Very impressive.

The new registrant (below) shows to be a group called ‘888 Sport’ out of Australia and according to the site, it looks like Poker.com.au will be the home of some sort of poker guide book.

Domain Name:    poker.com.au
Last Modified:      04-Jan-2011 09:26:27 UTC
Registrar ID:         SAFENAMES
Registrar Name:  Safenames Ltd

Registrant:             888 sport
Registrant ID:       OTHER 1384212
Eligibility Type:   Trademark Owner
Eligibility Name:  888 sport

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  • Hello Michael,

    Yes the Chef is cooking up great success! I admire him because in the end all great salesmen are superior self promoters.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Metal Tiger)

  • wow chef Patrick is on a winning streak. Perhaps the owners of gambling dot com should have contacted him instead of putting it up for sale at sedo.

    The new owner of poker.com.au is 888.com, safenames is the company they use to manage their domains like many other poker sites do.

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