.TV Spotlight Post #25

.TV time!  It hasn’t been the most active past two months for .TV news but there have been many impressive sales and plenty going on behind the scenes.

It was pointed out in a thread at AllThings.tv that SanFrancisco.tv and Hamburg.tv, which were registered on the premium drops in early September have already exchanged hands.  James Black, a major .TV player, picked these up from the drop and looks to have flipped them pretty quickly.  James has been pretty quiet the last few months so we may never know the sales price but I would be willing to bet some massive ROI was gained on both names.

I was glued to the TV and YouTube watching WSOP final table coverage this year because one of my friends from college days, Jeremy Ausmus made it to the final table and won 5th place (good for $2.1 million!).  While watching, I kept noticing CardPlayerTV logos everywhere.  CardPlayer.com is the most popular poker player magazine and they also have CardPlayerTV portion of their website now that has thousands of videos with millions of views.  I’m always baffled by why such video heavy websites promote their brand with ‘TV’ next to it but never bother to acquire the .TV name to at least re-direct.  CardPlayer.tv is a parked page and must have seen a nice spike in traffic during the recent WSOP coverage on ESPN.

Back in 2010 I interviewed Michael Berkens in a .TV Spotlight post to chat about .TV names.  Michael’s MostWantedDomains.com brokered Jeu.tv earlier this year for $50k and just last month his Legacy Fund sold oo.tv for $18k, which is the highest reported .TV sale in this spotlight. The name was picked up just over a year ago for $2,150, another awesome ROI and .TV sale.

Update: DomainStore.tv is still a great place to list and purchase .TV names.  The DomainStore.tv sale newsletters have not been going out as frequently but are still being published.  In fact, I’ve purchased a couple .TV names from the newsletter recently (Thanks Brian!). I always look forward to opening up the DomainStore.tv emails as there are always deals to be had.

Here is your TV Spotlight (incomplete) list of .TV sales over the last couple of months put together with help from allthings.tv, namepros .tv subforum and dnjournal.

sexvideos.tv $6,000
fly.tv $4,000 (leg premium $900/yr)
idol.tv $5,000
oo.tv $18,000
api.tv $10,000
cameo.tv $5,000
bulls.tv $1,150
fhm.tv $955
seniorcare.tv $6,590
verde.tv $1,000
fussballwetten.tv $1,911
mox.tv $5,000
peers.tv $1,150
supercross.tv $8,000
telepark.tv $3,185
deep.tv $1,700

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  • @domainer – As much as I like .TV names, honestly, I’m not seeing the resale potential in that particular one. I may be wrong though! Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


    A couple other things I wanted to mention it today’s article.. There are some ultra premium .TV names being brokered right now here are three that came across my radar in the last week:

    3d.tv $50k @ domain holdings
    moscow.tv $50k @ dn.biz
    religion.tv $35k @ dn.biz

    Also, I’m always buying .TV names so feel free to email or post names good .TV names you have for sale. As most domainers, I am buying at reseller prices so don’t get upset if I’m offering a fraction of what you think your name is worth 😉

  • Hey Mike,

    Would you be interested in buying a couple of .tv names I have? They are:


    If you are interested in them, we can talk about a price. I like .tv but the value is vastly different for different people.

    Thanks for the opportunity to post these.

  • What I want is a partner on StreamingLive.tv, but I’d part with it for good money. Unfortunately, not reseller prices. Thank you for the opportunity to post it. If no one sees the value here with the keywords, maybe I’m just “partial” or “attached” to it, which happens with names, as I’m sure you all know. : ) Definitely email me with any ideas or partnership opportunities on it, or fair offers.

    [email protected]

  • Yes I have noticed more usage of keyword TV on TV shows or for ads on TV. Sometimes a .TV domain is used but not always. I’ve seen keywordTV.org for a channel on TV and even a uKeyword-tv.net for a company offering pay per view sports broadcasts.

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