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Weekly Domain Name Sales March 27 – April 2, 2019

In another extremely active week for domain sales both country codes and .com saw lots of activity in the 7 day period from March 27 – April 2, 2019. 

Note that the .ai registry have begun to report the sales  from their monthly auctions to NameBio, and those appear in the April 1 results.  With over one hundred sales, this had a strong impact on that day (they had the first and third highest sale and  many others in the top 25) and the week overall.

The daily summaries section below summarizes  each day in the format date, number of sales, average  price, median price, number of sales at or above $1000, and the total sales volume. It is followed by a listing of about a dozen domain names that attracted our attention. In some cases other brief comments are included. The data is based only on those sales of $100 and more.

Weekly Statistics

During the past week the number of sales per day ranged from 277 to 449.  The latter figure was heavily influenced by the .ai monthly auction  results. This is the highest rate of domain sales since I began this series about 8 months ago. In general the first quarter of 2019 has been very strong in number of domain sales.

The highest average daily price was $597. The lowest average daily sale price was $405. Therefore while the week has active in  terms of number of domains sold, it was not a week with high average sales prices.

The median daily sale price, a better measure of prices an individual investor is likely to encounter, stayed within a very narrow range from $205 to $232. The median price varies only slightly from week to week.

The number of daily sales above $1000 ranged from 15 to 48 (the latter heavily influenced by the .ai auction results). There were 20 or more sales above the $1000 level on 6  of the 7 days in the reporting period.

The daily sales volume ranged from a low of about $122k to a high of about $216k. Except for the Apr 1 results that included the monthly .ai auction this was a pretty ordinary week sales volume wise.

My Favourites

Each week I identify some names that stood out for me because they were creative, in important niches, or otherwise interesting. I also try to fairly represent the types of domains selling at significant prices during the week. While these are not exclusively the top sales from the week, most (not all) are selected from sales of $1000 or more.

My personal favourite names from this week include AccionEast (org), AnalyticDesign (com), automatic (ai), BigMug (com), DairyBar (com), DPstreaming (tv), factory (ai), flattery (com), fog (ai), games (gg), GermanDream (de), hemmy (net), hydrogen (ai), IOT (digital), kindergarten (org), lav (co), medi (ai),  OddShot (tv), rappa (com), ReadyPod (com), RogueFestival (com), SchoolPsychology (net), SIS (org), SockStore (com), sonic (ai), sprint (ai), strawberries (org), watchdog (ai), willow (io) and XO (io).

Daily Summaries

Mar 27, 2019

280 sales, $514 average, $213 median,  27 >$1k, 144k$. Noted: lav (co); OddShot (tv); shopify (id); rezy, defences, rappa, DetoxTea, SockStore, InsightProfessionals, TheHempBox, TestMarketing, FreeRecord (com).

Mar 28, 2019

285 sales, $590 average, $232 median, 32 >$1k, 168k$ Noted: CarFin, treato, eFactor, conversationalist, SpecialCamps, TexMax, TasteOfLife, ReadyPod, SnapAir, RogueFestival (com); NewDelhi, science-groove, EarthPortal (org); IOT (digital).

Mar 29, 2019

277 sales, $597 average, $231 median, 27 >$1k, 166k$. Noted: AccionEast (org); torrents (io); WoolWarehouse, DeepHealth, CondoLoans, flattery, OnRoute, CBDtruffle, MillionDollarHouses, AnalyticDesign, CelestialDiamonds (com). Spelled wrong satelites sells high!

Mar 30, 2019

315 sales, $553 average, $211 median, 24 >$1k, 174k$. Noted: XO (io); games (gg); WalkJogRun(net); Chig (org); mchain, MedClick, eturbo, RapidFunnels, ConsumerResponse, TechBuilders,  LifeFashion, TradeAdvisors, DairyBar (com).

Mar 31, 2019

289 sales, $512 average, $209 median, 15 sales >$1k, 148k$ Noted: kindergarten (org); FamilyMart, ByOwners, AutoGurus, BedDr, BTC1, GirlCooksWorld, BigMug, BioLifeScience, IdealCBD, BagPatch (com); hemmy (net). HardCaps (com) takes hard fast $ fall!

Apr 1, 2019

449 sales, $482 average, $225 median, 48 >$1k, 216k$. Noted: factory, medi, watchdog, hydrogen, sprint, battery, automatic, fog, digit, sonic (ai); strawberries, comments, MDMA (org); InsuranceAgency, SchoolPsychology (net); forent, CatchDrop (com).

Apr 2, 2019

302 sales, $405 average, $205 median, 24 >$1k, 122k$. Noted: GermanDream (de); willow (io); SIS (org); DPstreaming (tv); SitDown, CashAccoouonting, PlantCity, doggle, spatty, pixology plus lost of 5N (com). 


The trend of early 2019 for a healthy number of sales not only continued but sharply picked up pace this week. That was driven partly by the release of the monthly auction sales by the .ai registry, who are now reporting to NameBio and will be doing so every month going forward.  The report for Apr 1 had over 100 sales in the .ai extension, including the first and third place sales for the day. 

While the .com TLD certainly continued to dominate in terms of overall sales, this was an outstanding week for country codes, especially .ai. The lead sale over the 7 days was .com on 4 of the days and a country code domain on the other three (.de, .ai and .io). The legacy .org also had a strong week, although it did not lead on any day. 

We tend not to list many among our favourites but there were numerous sales of five and six number .com domains during the reporting period. 

In the daily reports I kept the information as reflected in that daily report. Some sales are added to the database after the deadline and therefore do not appear. Note that in these reports I give the number of sales and sales volume for those sales of $100 or more. Traditionally this was all that was available. Note that NameBio now give in their daily market reports a sales volume that also includes the sales under $100, explaining the difference from the values reported here.

Keep in mind that only certain venues report sales to NameBio. These venues represent a mix of wholesale (domain investor to domain investor) and retail (domain investor to end user) sales. The median sales price should be interpreted within that understanding. In my introductory guide to using NameBio I provide additional details on what sales are included in the database.  

I urge you to read the full Daily Market Reports at NameBio. I would like to thank Michael and others at NameBio that make this valuable database freely available to the domain community. We  have based the statistics reported here on only sales of value $100 and more, although the NameBio subscription plans allow you to study sales below the $100 price point.

Should you want to get my reflections on the NameBio reported sales on a daily basis follow me on Twitter @AGreatDomain.  In case you missed the preceding weekly report it is here. We will have the next weekly report here in about a week.

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Domain analyst and commentator with particular interests in quantitative analysis, new uses for domain names, nontraditional end users, and bridging the gap between the domain community and end users. Background in science, research, education, outreach and communications, as well as almost two decades running a small home-based business. My first domain name acquisition was 2001. I hold a modest domain portfolio with legacy, country code and new extensions. Based in western Canada, but my domain outlook is global! My goal is to provide fresh insights and an evidence-based balanced outlook on the domain industry.

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