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Today, Sedo.tv began its week long Premium .TV Auction which is already off to a great start as three names are already over the $5k mark.  Other than the .TV’s in the Sedo.tv auction there are currently 30+ other .TV auctions going on in the regular Sedo marketplace (see list below).  This is by far the most active .TV Sedo auctions going on at one time.

There is a large and growing list with many excellent .TV’s that domainers will push to auction with a starting bid on Sedo this week, enjoy the list here.  Seeing this much action on April 1st gives me reason to believe this list will double or triple in size over the next few days.  This really is a chance to grab good .TV domain names for decent prices at auction.

Active .TV Sedo Auctions (list updated Apr 2st, 10am MST):
divxonline.tv 60 EUR 1 7h 35m
watchhd.tv 650 EUR 1 2d 3h 2m
kickboxen.tv 100 EUR 1 2d 13h 17m
veggie.tv 110 $US 2 2d 23h 0m
analyst.tv 70 $US 2 3d 4h 57m
arbitration.tv 300 $US 1 3d 8h 20m
pokerstar.tv 1,500 $US 1 3d 12h 41m
spb.tv 642 $US 2 3d 16h 53m
collectables.tv 100 $US 1 4d 8h 34m
businessschool.tv 100 $US 1 4d 8h 41m
dildos.tv 200 $US 1 4d 9h 49m
topnotch.tv 100 $US 1 4d 12h 14m
literature.tv 100 $US 1 4d 12h 18m
downloader.tv 100 $US 1 4d 20h 59m
webcasts.tv 175 EUR 1 4d 23h 54m
juniorhigh.tv 150 $US 1 5d 2h 58m
slam.tv 100 $US 2 5d 2h 59m
fist.tv 150 $US 1 5d 3h 0m
ayersrock.tv 60 $US 1 5d 3h 13m
furnishings.tv 100 $US 1 5d 3h 14m
timeshare.tv 410 $US 12 5d 3h 28m
schwarz.tv 130 $US 1 5d 3h 42m
arthouse.tv 200 $US 1 5d 4h 0m
publishing.tv 60 $US 1 5d 4h 10m
surveillance.tv 800 $US 1 5d 4h 24m
internetpoker.tv 260 $US 2 5d 4h 29m
three.tv 1,200 $US 1 5d 4h 37m
caribbeanvacations.tv 100 $US 1 5d 4h 56m
videoreports.tv 60 EUR 1 5d 5h 19m
sexreports.tv 60 EUR 1 5d 5h 22m
travelreports.tv 60 EUR 1 5d 5h 25m
tulip.tv 95 $US 1 5d 5h 34m
travelbook.tv 60 EUR 1 5d 6h 4m
presentation.tv 150 $US 4 5d 7h 0m
auslage.tv 60 $US 1 5d 7h 54m
movieclub.tv 110 EUR 1 5d 8h 15m
suck.tv 100 $US 1 5d 8h 34m
schaumburg.tv 100 $US 1 5d 8h 53m
boatshow.tv 70 $US 2 5d 9h 53m
coffee.tv 800 $US 5 5d 10h 31m
computergames.tv 100 $US 1 5d 11h 53m
varietyworld.tv 50 £ 1 5d 22h 44m
europeanvacations.tv 100 $US 1 6d 8h 39m

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  • Go to Sedo.tv and you will be amazed how fast things are moving. I predict both Germany.tv and Japan.tv could hit $xxx,xxx. Since, I own
    Spain.tv and England.tv I would love to see that.

    Thanks, Jim

  • Hi Jim,

    Yeah they really are moving!

    btw… congrats on your prostitution.tv sale… lol you really got me on that one 🙂

  • Good luck to you too dcmike77! I’ve mostly been a .tv lurker but had to be more active as of mar 18th… 🙂

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