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I’m home and somewhat rested after a busy and fun trip down to Cancun.  Ready to get back to work!  As promised I am following up on my last post about .MX domains and how prevalent they are in the part of Mexico I was visiting.  Unfortunately, I did not come across any .MX domains during our travels.  I reported last week that the most common extensions I saw were and .com domain on billboards, signs, etc and that did not change on the tail end of my trip.  Overall, I did see probably more .COM domains than any other definitely a close second was .COM.MX.  A commenter from my last post who resides in Mexico City gave a few examples of .MX domains that he found on billboards and signs:,,,,,  Thanks ‘PAPA’.  Also, I came across this report from that is showing progression of the .MX extension compared to .COM.MX within Mexico.

Some really great sales have been reported over the last week.  The largest transaction, sold for $1.1 million.  Others reported domain sales: $235K, $85k, (translates to ‘currency’ in German) $70k+, $65k, $52k, $32k+ and $30k. Gotta throw a .TV sale in the mix! sold for $13k+.

Michael Berkens posted a handful of .CO landrush auction results yesterday.  I must say I am surprised at how much some of these are fetching.  Some of the head scratchers on the list: $3.3K, $3.1k and $4.1k.  Honestly, all of these sales are head scratchers to me but only time will tell with these .co domains.  Maybe I’ll be kicking myself one day for not investing in the extension.

For newer domainers I would like to recommend a nice new resource over at Forum.  It’s simple to use and seems like it’s tailored for newer domainers that want to get questions about domaining answered.  Nice addition to DotSauce Mark!

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  • Glad you had a fun trip, there were some really nice sales reported this week. And like you I really do not know why the .co’s sold for the prices they did. But time will tell.

  • I love Cancun! It the the major motivation for my purchase of Cancun(dot)org. I hope to have it developed within 12 months.


  • Welcome back! I’m amazed by those .CO sales, especially a hyphenated version of “national lottery.” I’d venture to guess that a lot of the big .CO sales we’re seeing are companies (who own the .COM) protecting their brands, but who knows. I have some single-word .COs that seem to make a lot more sense than some of those that are listed.

    Now you’ve got me daydreaming about next year’s vacation. Glad you had fun!

  • Thanks guys! Nadia, hopefully your near future .CO sale will be enough to pay for your vacation 😉

    @Troy – Great domain!

  • Hey Mike, thanks for citing my study on In a followup to that post I also have an exclusive interview with the CEO of NIC Mexico who provided some additional insights on the Mexico aftermarket that you might find of interest. cheers, Mike

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