.MX ccTLD Report From Mexico!

I promised in my last post that I would report on the .MX cctld when I return from vacation.  Well, I had a little free time this morning so I decided it would be a good time to report what I have learned about .MX and it’s usage in Mexico so far. 

Basically, so far it’s non existent here!  As always, I always notice domain names on signs, billboards, within businesses on bumper stickers, etc..  The vast majority, I would say that fifty percent of the domains I see (and yes, there are LOTS of companies around here using domains within advertising) are using the .COM.MX extension.  Second, is definitely just the good old .COM.  I have seen quite a few other extensions in use around here.  .NET.MX is farily common as is .GOB.MX (gob = gobierno or goverment).  Also noticed several uses of .org, .biz and even one .tv.  As of yet I have seen ZERO businesses using the .MX extension! Ouch.

The largest and most prominent companies seem to heavily favor the .COM.MX here and that is no surprise, afterall that was the original extension that was for public use in Mexico.  Does this mean that I think .MX are worthless??  No, not completely but I would be certainly be discouraged if I purchased a bunch of .MX domains thinking I was sitting on a goldmine.  Well, short and simple today.. feel free to comment, I just won’t be able to approve them until tomorrow or thursday.

– I am only reporting what I have seen here in Southern Mexico, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen… More info to come.

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  • Great insight its always good to hear from someone who is inside a country to see what domains people there use. I have been doing similar stuff with my trip to India. Thanks for sharing.


  • @PAPA – No, I haven’t been to Mexico City. I am telling it how I see it down here and I have seen three domains on signs. still no .MX domains though. Maybe you can provide us with some examples of .MX domains you are seeing on billboards, etc. Thanks for the comment.

    @Brian – Thanks bud, I will give an update when my trip is complete. Certainly trying to find a .MX domain in use somewhere within the Yucutan peninsula.

  • Today on tv —->

    on bilboards —->

    Inside the metro
    in small billboards–>

    ivy league schools —>

    big newspaper in mexico—>

    cnn url shortner —->

    could go on and on. Ofcourse there is still a long way to go, but after less than a year i think .mx is doing some real progress

  • This is a very irresponsible blog post Mike Law. Reporting “what you’ve seen” is not reporting… If I was born in Russia and raised in Russia and only saw 10 .com advertised in my city compared to thousands in .ru then I could deduce that .com is not popular which is a fallacy. Get your blog game up “name talent”.

  • Hi James, thanks for your comment. Since this is my blog and I clearly am writing on my own experience I will write exactly what I feel fit. I reported my observations because to me the results are a microcosm of .MX popularity in the areas that I was visiting (Cancun, Playa, Tulum and the highway in between). Prove me wrong. Show me some Cancun outfits that have a .MX domain name in use, how about one in Playa Del Carmen. I am not saying they don’t exist but I am TELLING you they are hard enough to find that I didn’t see any.. and I was looking! Let me guess, you’ve spent some money on .MX domains and you’re not feeling comfortable reading this post? I did a follow up as well here:

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