Saturday Tidbits

* It’s been a while since I talked about .TV sales.  Here’s a summary of what I could find that sold in August/late July – Westerns.tv $1000.00, Primetime.tv $1500, Chocoholic.tv $1000, Sparkle.tv $1250, Forecast.tv $1000, Disco.tv €555, midlands.tv $1950, khl.tv $1000, dom.tv $1024,  tuto.tv $1152, gym.tv €8800, Bahamas.tv $10000

* I won and purchased my first domain from the BargainDomains.com auction platform last week.  First off, I am VERY happy with the name and price!  The purchasing experience was a little rough since it seems that Francois has to manually facilitate the entire sale process.  I didn’t get confirmation that I made payment until about 24 hours later (Francois did tell me he was traveling and that’s why it took so long).  Also, I thought that the messages relayed from bargaindomains.com to both buyer and seller giving instructions and “OK” for transfer were a little unclear.  If two non ‘domainers’ were involved on a transaction through bargaindomains.com I think there could be potential for misunderstanding.

* I want to mention a GREAT tool for those domain investors looking to reach out and sell domains from their portfolio to end users.  ZFBot.com is that one stop tool you need to do most of the work out of collecting all of the data. If you want to send out loads of emails each day to relevant end users you have to check out ZFBot.

* If you haven’t noticed we have picked up a few news sponsors over the last month.  Special thanks to NamusFamus.com, DomainHammer.com and DNWStats.com.  Pretty neat that all three new sponsors cater to different niches of our industry!  Please take a chance to check each one out.  If you are interested in advertising with NameTalent.com we do have (one) 125×125 and (one) 250×250 banner for sale.  Shoot me an email to ad @ nametalent.com and I promise to quote you a great deal for six or twelve months.

* Drama in the domain world is in full swing.  Every time I logon to domaining.com I seem to find myself reading a blog post that sounds like the author has beef with another blogger in our little domain blogosphere.  I just don’t have enough time in the day to be dragged into these discussions.  I will say to those who are in the middle of the mudslinging – if you’re trying to drive traffic to your sites using this method…it’s working.   I can hardly keep myself from clicking your blog posts to see what kind of sh*t talking I will read about someone else today.  Unfortunately for some, I usually wake up halfway through the article and tell myself “am I learning anything? Why am I reading this crap!”  Then I usually leave without reading the whole story and hesitate to come back for a while… if I want drama I’ll watch TV.

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