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eNom Changes Stance on Illegal Online Pharmacy Crackdown

A few weeks ago reported that select domain registrars were asked to the White House to talk about a solution to the illegal online pharmacies that target drug sales to U.S. citizens.   These bogus pharmacies need lots of domain names to quickly change their company alias and operations on the web.  While the U.S. government gained cooperation from most domain registrars, some would not oblige.  Until recently, was one of the biggest registrars that would not agree to screening of it’s customers.

Demand Media, eNom’s parent company did not offer the information, however, their change in stance is evident when analyzing the amended securities filings for their planned IPO.  The filing states that LegitScript (a company that checks online pharmacy legitimacy) and eNom will work together identifying domains used in conjunction with illegal online pharmacies.

These illegal pharmacies are notorious for infiltrating computers and setting up spam email advertising with links to buy illegal prescription drugs.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are raked in annually by these illegal operations.

News Source: Financial Times tech article

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