Interview with John Ferber About Raising Money for Prostate Cancer Research

John Ferber is a well known domainer, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, his most recent projects include and  These are both sites that focus on domain name development.

Recently, Ferber started a new cause on his charity site called Mr. Manuary!
The purpose of this contest is to collect money for prostate cancer research and is for males only.  Contestants are raising awareness and money for the cause by growing a mustache during the month of January – winners are determined by the number of Facebook ‘likes’ on their Mr. Manuary profile page and how much money is raised.  This cause really hit home with me and made me want to get get involved and spread the word somehow as my father is a prostate cancer survivor and has been in remission for over five years now.

I got a hold of John this week and he was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to do a quick interview about the Mr. Manuary contest, in which he is a contestant and has already reached his month goal of $2,500 in less than 13 days!

Mike:  What made you choose prostate cancer as the first cause to promote starting off 2011?

John:  I had a few friends who have gotten prostate cancer in the past few years so my awareness was heightened, and for Mr. Manuary I specifically wanted to focus on a male related charity.  The Susan B Komen Foundation has done an amazing job with breast cancer and I’d love to see the same type of rallying with guys on some men’s related diseases.

Mike:  How many Mr Manuary contestants are there? How much has been raised to donate to prostate cancer research so far? Is it too late to enter?

John:  This is the first year and we have a few dozen contestants so far. We’ve been able to raise more than 10k in the first 13 days.. It’s not too late to enter, we’d love to see as many people enter and participate as possible, the contest ends January 31st!

Mike:  What prostate cancer foundations/organizations will receive the money from the contest?

John: will receive 100 percent of the donations we receive.  The Prostate Cancer Foundation

Mike:  You raised your goal of $2500 in only twelve days of the month long contest, to what factors to you contribute your success with this campaign? Have you extended your goal?

John:  I have really been promoting hard through my social networks and I was surprised I was able to reach my goal in 12 days.. I am going to raise my goal this weekend and try to do at least 5k this year.

Mike:  Where do readers go to donate to your Mr. Manuary cause?


Mike:  Are you getting used to wearing a mustache? Is it something that you sport at times or is it rare to see Mr. Ferber with a stache? Will you keep it past January?

John:  It’s alot easier to get used to than I thought, there was an itching phase but after that it has been pretty much smooth sailing. This is the first mustache I have ever sported.. As a standalone not sure I will keep after January but put together with a beard and I think I find myself groovin it 🙂

Mike:  Any other additional information you would like to share about or the Mr Manuary contest?

John:  Microgiving is a crowdfunding platform and charity that let’s anyone raise money for anything!!! Fund your next idea, invention, work of art, or business by using Microgiving!

Mike:  Thanks for raising money for this excellent cause and also for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview about the Mr. Manuary contest!

John:  Thanks Mike!


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  • Finally, a man with the vision to implement a fund raising event “for males only”, which will benefit men with Prostate Cancer via the money given to the “Prostate Cancer Foundation” for research. Thanks to Mr. John Ferber, I believe his caring heart, brilliant mind, and heroic efforts, have planted a seed for men’s issues, and this is just the beginning of research dollars specifically earmarked for a broad-spectrum approach to men’s health issues and concerns, that traditionally have not been spoken about beyond the initial reporting of the respective men’s health incident, leaving men without the clout to command research into the disease(s) that they have been diagnosed as having, without any hope for survival. Whereas these cases have remained as fatal “dark horses”, Mr. Ferber has initiated the means of bringing light, and help, into the dark passages of American Men’s Health. Thank you, Mr. Ferber!

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