ccTLD Roundup, April 2011: Deals.com.au Sells for $100,000

The month of April was a busy one for ccTLD sales as dozens of domains spanning more than 22 extensions were reported sold, most of these transactions took place at Sedo.com.  There was a six figure sale last month in ccTLD land with the Deals.com.au selling in a private transaction for $100,000.  There is already a daily deals site in place on Deals.com.au that serves Australian locales.  * I have omitted .tv sales from this list as I will be reporting those in my next .tv spotlight post.

jo.de 12,000 EUR Sedo
work.eu 5,820 USD Sedo
outdoorfireplacekits.co 2,000 USD Sedo
viral.eu 1,801 EUR Sedo
ocm24.de 2,975 EUR Sedo
deals.com.au 100,000 USD private
eventapp.de 1,200 EUR Sedo
usedboats.co.uk 4,650 USD Sedo
wwwnu.nl 3,575 USD Sedo
lmarket.co.kr 1,000 USD Sedo
sportsmemorabilia.co.uk 4,477 USD Sedo
mobilewebsites.co.uk 5,500 GBP Sedo
finden-sie.de 1,488 EUR Sedo
done.in 1,150 USD Sedo
servicereport.co.uk 1,800 EUR Sedo
serialy.sk 3,333 EUR Sedo
antipiracy.co.uk 2,500 GBP Sedo
employment.mx 1,250 USD Sedo
affiliate.my 1,597 USD Sedo
tower.me 3,500 USD Sedo
chatten.eu 3,990 EUR Sedo
elternversammlung.de 2,000 EUR Sedo
investcorp.fr 3,000 EUR Sedo
spinning.es 2,205 USD Sedo
zanzibar.us 2,000 USD Sedo
lmarket.co.kr 1,000 USD Sedo
filesonic.pl 2,099 USD Snapnames
zdn.eu 2,950 EUR Sedo
hakulo.us 3,350 USD Sedo
mots.co.uk 1,320 USD Sedo
housebook.it 1,103 USD Sedo
may.jp 1,800 USD Sedo
au.ro 1,470 USD Sedo
glassdoor.ca 1,470 Sedo
abnehmhilfe.de 2,618 EUR Sedo
psw.us 1,035 USD Snapnames

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