.TV Spotlight Post #16

As .TV domains continue to connect with end-users, sales in 2011 are starting to shape up nicely.  As I predicted, some of the LL.tv domains from the SnapNames auction earlier this year are already being flipped.  One word and product .tv names are continuing to sell for good prices at venues like Sedo and in private sales.  One sale from the list below that occurred over the last couple weeks was Crystal.tv (sold by a member of NamePros forum ‘cabletv’), which is now re-directing to Crystal TV product page:

A live TV on your PC, Mac, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android smartphones, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

The seller said that the company sought out this domain and made an offer.

Another name that sold recently being used as a redirect is Journalism.tv, it joins Reporter.tv as domains that redirect to the ReporterTV page on Facebook. A little discouraging to see many of the larger .tv sales from this year are redirects, parked pages or not resolving, however, this in not uncommon for sales in any domain extension.

While we’re talking about .TV, I have to mention a great online TV show all about domain investing.. and yes the shows homepage is a  .TV domain name!  Domain investor/developer Morgan Linton launched the new MorganLinton.tv last month.  This bi weekly TV show focuses on domain industry news and also has many interactive and informative segments focusing on domain development and investing.  Morgan actually rebranded this show which started out as Domainvestors.tv last year.  Of course, the ever popular ‘lightning round’ where Morgan gives advice on domain names viewers submit via the chatroom is part of the new MorganLinton.tv.  The next episode is this Sunday at 7pm EST. Be sure to tune in to watch and join the discussion on MorganLinton.tv.  (First episode below).

CarInsurance.tv £8,000 Sedo
Bollicine.tv €2,880 Sedo
OBS.tv €2,225 Sedo
PokerStrategy.tv €1,500 Sedo
Furniture.tv $24,000 Sedo
Pilot.tv $20,000 Private
Networks.tv $1,500 Sedo
BreakingNews.tv $6,652 Namejet
VI.tv $1,500 Namejet
LM.tv $2,099 Namejet
TC.tv $1,001 Sedo
Crystal.tv $7,000 Private
WallArt.tv $790
Documentaire.tv €950
143iloveyou.tv $1750
Banzai.tv €650 Private
Test.tv + Tests.tv $9,000 Private
Unmissable.tv $800 Sedo
MagicWorld.tv $2,000 Sedo
FloorNature.tv €900 Sedo
Bags.tv $1,500 Domainstore.tv
Fin24.tv $3,406 Sedo
13.tv $1,500 Sedo
Journalism.tv $1,350 Sedo

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  • Encouraging samples of dot tv development
    – Shoes.tv, which products are affiliate-linked to a dot com, but it has plenty of content!
    – usb.tv
    – eco-company.tv
    – pets.tv
    – ionmedia.tv, a major corporation!

    Enjoy! 🙂

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